State Level Nalwar & State Level Devta Mela

Serial No Tender Download
1 Auction for letting out space in Jawahar Park at Sundernagar for setting up of Temporary Mela Shops
and erection of Rain/Fire Proof Pandal in Front Suket Munch in Jawahar Park, Sundernagar
 Tender Notice
 Tender Form 1
2 Auction for Dom in Jawahar Park(Mela Ground) at Sundernagar  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 2
3 Auction for Jhulla in Jawahar Park (Mela Ground) at Sundernagar  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 3
4 Sound And Light System  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 4
5 Tentage  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 5
6 Providing Electricity Facility at Jawahar Park  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 6
7 CCTV Camera  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 7
8 Mementos  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 8
9 Photography  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 9
10 Videography  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 10
11 Pagri & Dupata  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 11
12 Event Manager(Supply of artists/singers)  Tender Notice
 Tender Form 12
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